Venous disease patient registries available in the United States JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY-VENOUS AND LYMPHATIC DISORDERS Lurie, F., Obi, A., Schul, M., Hofmann, L. V., Kasper, G., Wakefield, T. 2018; 6 (1): 118–25


Patient registries are beneficial in that they allow the collection of prospective data focused on a specific medical issue. These registries give providers a "real-world" view of patient outcomes. Many medical disciplines have a long history of developing and using patient registries; the first patient registry for chronic venous disease in the United States was launched in 2011, fairly recently in comparison. Registries included in this review were identified by surveying members of major academic societies that focus on the care of chronic venous disease and by searching MEDLINE and Embase databases using Ovid interface. Medical directors of four of the five databases available in the United States completed a standard questionnaire, and the answers served as the basis for this review. This review is not a comparison of registries; it does, however, describe the common and unique features of four venous registries currently available in the United States with the purpose of increasing awareness of and fostering participation in these registries.

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