Surgical unroofing of hemodynamically significant myocardial bridges in a pediatric population. The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery Maeda, K., Schnittger, I., Murphy, D. J., Tremmel, J. A., Boyd, J. H., Peng, L., Okada, K., Pargaonkar, V. S., Hanley, F. L., Mitchell, R. S., Rogers, I. S. 2018


BACKGROUND: Although myocardial bridges (MBs) are traditionally regarded as incidental findings, it has been reported that adult patients with symptomatic MBs refractory to medical therapy benefit from unroofing. However, there is limited literature in the pediatric population. The aim of our study was to evaluate the indications and outcomes for unroofing in pediatric patients.METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed all pediatric patients with MB in our institution who underwent surgical relief. Clinical characteristics, relevant diagnostic data, intraoperative findings, and postoperative outcomes were evaluated.RESULTS: Between 2012 and 2016, 14 pediatric patients underwent surgical unroofing of left anterior descending artery MBs. Thirteen patients had anginal symptoms refractory to medical therapy, and 1 patient was asymptomatic until experiencing aborted sudden cardiac arrest during exercise. Thirteen patients underwent exercise stress echocardiography, all of which showed mid-septal dys-synergy. Coronary computed tomography imaging confirmed the presence of MBs in all patients. Intravascular ultrasound imaging confirmed the length of MBs: 28.2±16.3mm, halo thickness: 0.59±0.24mm, and compression of left anterior descending artery at resting heart rate: 33.0±11.6%. Invasive hemodynamic assessment with dobutamine confirmed the physiologic significance of the MBs with diastolic fractional flow reserve: 0.59±0.13. Unroofing was performed with the patient under cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) in the initial 9 cases and without CPB in the subsequent 5 cases. All patients were discharged without complications. The 13 symptomatic patients reported resolution of symptoms on follow-up, and improvement in symptoms and quality of life was documented using the Seattle Angina Questionnaire version 7.CONCLUSIONS: Unroofing of MBs can be safely performed in pediatric patients, with or without use of CPB. In symptomatic patients, unroofing can provide relief of symptoms refractory to medical therapy.

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