Mesenchymal stem cells homing to improve bone healing JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC TRANSLATION Lin, W., Xu, L., Zwingenberger, S., Gibon, E., Goodman, S. B., Li, G. 2017; 9: 19–27


Cell therapy continues to attract growing interest as a promising approach to treat a variety of diseases. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been one of the most intensely studied candidates for cell therapy. Since the homing capacity of MSCs is an important determinant of effective MSC-based therapy, the enhancement of homing efficiency is essential for optimizing the therapeutic outcome. Furthermore, trafficking of endogenous MSCs to damaged tissues, also referred to as endogenic stem cell homing, and the subsequent participation of MSCs in tissue regeneration are considered to be a natural self-healing response. Therefore, strategies to stimulate and reinforce the mobilisation and homing of MSCs have become a key point in regenerative medicine. The current review focuses on advances in the mechanisms and factors governing trafficking of MSCs, and the relationship between MSC mobilisation and skeletal diseases, providing insights into strategies for their potential translational implications.

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