Managing Incidental Findings on Thoracic CT: Mediastinal and Cardiovascular Findings. A White Paper of the ACR Incidental Findings Committee JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF RADIOLOGY Munden, R. F., Carter, B. W., Chiles, C., MacMahon, H., Black, W. C., Ko, J. P., McAdams, H., Rossi, S. E., Leung, A. N., Boiselle, P. M., Kent, M. S., Brown, K., Dyer, D. S., Hartman, T. E., Goodman, E. M., Naidich, D. P., Kazerooni, E. A., Berland, L. L., Pandharipande, P. V. 2018; 15 (8): 1087–96


The ACR Incidental Findings Committee presents recommendations for managing incidentally detected mediastinal and cardiovascular findings found on CT. The Chest Subcommittee was composed of thoracic radiologists who developed the provided guidance. These recommendations represent a combination of current published evidence and expert opinion and were finalized by informal iterative consensus. The recommendations address the most commonly encountered mediastinal and cardiovascular incidental findings and are not intended to be a comprehensive review of all incidental findings associated with these compartments. Our goal is to improve the quality of care by providing guidance on how to manage incidentally detected thoracic findings.

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