Selective renal arterial infusion of fenoldopam for the prevention of contrast-induced nephropathy. Journal of interventional cardiology Ng, M. K., Tremmel, J., Fitzgerald, P. J., Fearon, W. F. 2006; 19 (1): 75-79


Contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) remains an important complication of angiographic procedures, particularly among patients with significant renal impairment. To date, vasodilator therapies such as fenoldopam have failed to prevent CIN, possibly because significant hypotension as a result of systemic infusion has limited the ability to deliver adequate drug levels to the renal vasculature. We present a case of averted CIN after multivessel coronary intervention in a diabetic patient with severe renal insufficiency, potentially due to bilateral renal arterial infusion of fenoldopam. Our subsequent experience with intrarenal fenoldopam in nine additional procedures in eight other high risk patients resulted in one case of asymptomatic transient CIN. Further studies are warranted to evaluate the efficacy of intrarenal administration of vasodilator therapies such as fenoldopam for the prevention of CIN.

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