Does a history of postoperative ileus predispose to recurrent ileus after multistage ileal pouch-anal anastomosis? Techniques in coloproctology Le, Q., Liou, D. Z., Murrell, Z., Fleshner, P. 2013; 17 (4): 383-8


Although postoperative ileus (POI) is a common complication after major abdominal colorectal surgery, it is unknown whether a history of POI predisposes to recurrent POI in subsequent surgeries. In the present retrospective case-control study, conducted at the colorectal surgery division of a tertiary care center, we attempted to identify factors that may predict recurrent POI in ulcerative colitis (UC) patients undergoing three-stage ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA).Charts of UC patients undergoing three-stage IPAA were reviewed. All patients received a standardized accelerated postoperative care pathway. Patients were assigned to one of 3 categories: Group A patients did not have POI after either initial subtotal colectomy (STC) or subsequent IPAA, Group B patients developed POI only after initial STC, and Group C patients developed POI after both STC and IPAA.The study group consisted of 91 patients. There were 71 (78 %) patients in Group A, 14 (15 %) patients in Group B, and 6 (7 %) patients in group C. There was no significant difference in any demographic or clinical features among patients that developed no POI, those that developed POI only after STC, and those that developed POI after both STC and IPAA.POI is difficult to predict after first- and second-stage IPAA. Clinical factors and a history of POI from first-stage IPAA do not predict POI after second-stage IPAA. Patients with a history of POI after STC do not have an increased risk of developing recurrent POI.

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