The American Heart Association Heart Failure Summit, Bethesda, April 12, 2017 Proceedings and Calls to Action CIRCULATION-HEART FAILURE Peterson, P. N., Allen, L. A., Heidenreich, P. A., Albert, N. M., Pina, I. L., Amer Heart Assoc 2018; 11 (10): e004957


The American Heart Association convened a meeting to summarize the changing landscape of heart failure (HF), anticipate upcoming challenges and opportunities to achieve coordinated identification and treatment, and to recommend areas in need of focused efforts. The conference involved representatives from clinical care organizations, governmental agencies, researchers, patient advocacy groups, and public and private healthcare partners, demonstrating the breadth of stakeholders interested in improving care and outcomes for patients with HF. The main purposes of this meeting were to foster dialog and brainstorm actions to close gaps in identifying people with or at risk for HF and reduce HF-related morbidity, mortality, and hospitalizations. This report highlights the key topics covered during the meeting, including (1) identification of patients with or at risk for HF, (2) tracking patients once diagnosed, (3) application of population health approaches to HF, (4) improved strategies for reducing HF hospitalization (not just rehospitalization), and (5) promoting HF self-management.

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