PROOF OF CONCEPT STUDY OF AN APOPTOSIS-SIGNAL REGULATING KINASE (ASK1) INHIBITOR (SELONSERTIB) IN COMBINATION WITH AN ACETYL-COA CARBOXYLASE INHIBITOR (GS-0976) OR A FARNESOID X RECEPTOR (FXR) AGONIST (GS-9674) IN NASH Lawitz, E., Herring, R., Younes, Z. H., Gane, E., Ruane, P. J., Aguilar, R., Jia, C., Xu, R., McColgan, B., Oberle, C., Djedjos, C., Subramanian, G., McHutchison, J. G., Myers, R. P., Middleton, M., Li, K., Hellerstein, M., Kwo, P., Noureddin, M., Harrison, S. A. E M H SWISS MEDICAL PUBLISHERS LTD. 2018: 24S

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