Indications for pediatric liver transplantation. Pediatric transplantation McDiarmid, S. V., Millis, M. J., Olthoff, K. M., So, S. K. 1998; 2 (2): 106-116


This review discusses the indications for orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) in children and provides guidelines for the appropriate time to list children for transplant. The diseases for which OLT are indicated in children are divided into diagnostic categories with a focus on the natural history and appropriate medical and surgical therapy prior to transplantation. Contraindications to transplantation pertinent to specific diseases are outlined, with particular emphasis on complex metabolic defects with extrahepatic manifestations. The clinical conditions which indicate that listing for OLT is appropriate, as well as the relative and absolute contraindications, irrespective of diagnosis, are discussed. The importance of malnutrition and poor development as listing criteria is stressed. Special timing considerations for diagnoses relevant to the pediatric age group, e.g. urea cycle defects and Crigler-Najjar syndrome, are emphasized. Finally, the impact of co-existing extrahepatic disease on the decision to list children for OLT is reviewed.

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