Comprehensive analysis of 19q12 amplicon in human gastric cancers MODERN PATHOLOGY Leung, S. Y., Ho, C., Tu, I., Li, R., So, S., Chu, K., Yuen, S. T., Chen, X. 2006; 19 (6): 854-863


Amplification at 19q12 has been observed in multiple tumor types, while cyclin E1 (CCNE1) has been considered to be the key oncogene within this amplicon. We have previously applied cDNA microarray analysis to systematically characterize gene expression patterns of gastric tumor and nontumor samples. We identified a cluster of five tightly coregulated genes all located at chromosome 19q12, including CCNE1. We found that the 19q12 gene cluster is highly expressed in gastric tumors compared to nontumor gastric samples. Array based comparative genomic hybridization and real-time PCR was used to define the boundary of the 19q12 amplicon to a region of approximately 200 kb. Interestingly, we found that in some cases amplification at 19q12 was not associated with DNA copy number gain at CCNE1, suggesting that some other genes within the 19q12 amplicon may also have important function during gastric tumorigenesis. We found high expression of the 19q12 gene cluster to be statistically correlated with the cell proliferation gene signature. Using the SAM software, we identified a set of 577 genes whose expression levels positively correlated with the 19q12 gene cluster. GO term analysis revealed that this genelist is enriched with genes involved in cell cycle regulation and cell proliferation. In conclusion, expression array analysis combined with array comparative genomic hybridization and real-time PCR provides a new and powerful tool to identify clusters of genes which may be regulated by genomic DNA aberrations. In addition, our study indicates that amplification at 19q12 is associated with cell proliferation in vivo.

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