Targeting Cancer Stemness in the Clinic: From Hype to Hope. Cell stem cell Saygin, C., Matei, D., Majeti, R., Reizes, O., Lathia, J. D. 2018


Tumors are composed of non-homogeneous cell populations exhibiting varying degrees of genetic and functional heterogeneity. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are capable of sustaining tumors by manipulating genetic and non-genetic factors to metastasize, resist treatment, and maintain the tumor microenvironment. Understanding the key traits and mechanisms of CSC survival provides opportunities to improve patient outcomes via improved prognostic models and therapeutics. Here, we review the clinical significance of CSCs and results of potential CSC-targeting therapies in various cancers. We discuss barriers to translating cues from pre-clinical models into clinical applications and propose new strategies for rational design of future anti-CSC trials.

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