Biomarker discovery analysis: Alterations in p14, p16, p53, and BAP1 expression in nevi, cutaneous melanoma, and metastatic melanoma. Pigment cell & melanoma research Sargen, M. R., Cloutier, J. M., Sarin, K. Y., Rieger, K. E., Chu, P., Swetter, S. M., Novoa, R. A. 2019


Protein biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis are currently lacking for melanoma, which predominantly relies on histologic features for diagnosis (cytologic and nuclear pleomorphism, growth pattern) and staging (Breslow depth, ulceration). In many cases, the histology of the primary tumor is an unreliable predictor of tumor behavior, and consequently sentinel lymph node biopsy along with imaging studies are often necessary to predict likelihood of mortality from disease. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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