Sexual and gender minority young adults' smoking characteristics: Assessing differences by sexual orientation and gender identity. Addictive behaviors Vogel, E. A., Humfleet, G. L., Meacham, M., Prochaska, J. J., Ramo, D. E. 2019; 95: 98–102


INTRODUCTION: Sexual and gender minority (SGM) young adults have higher smoking prevalence than their non-SGM peers. Less is known about differences in smoking characteristics within the SGM community.METHODS: Participants were SGM young adult smokers age 18-25 (N?=?165, M age?=?21.8) enrolled in a clinical trial of the Put It Out Project, a Facebook smoking cessation intervention for SGM young adults. Analyses tested differences between 1) sexual orientation groups, and 2) gender identity groups, on the following smoking characteristics: cigarettes/day, daily smoker (yes/no), social smoker (yes/no), years of smoking, number of close friends who smoke (out of 5), age of initiation, age began smoking regularly, time to first cigarette (30?min or less/>30?min), lifetime quit attempts, past-year quit attempts, and stage of change for quitting smoking (precontemplation, contemplation, preparation).RESULTS: Participants were 56% bi/pansexual, 18% gay, 18% lesbian, 8% other (e.g., asexual, queer). The gender identity of the sample was 52% cisgender, 18% transgender, 30% gender non-binary. Lesbian women began smoking at an older age (M?=?18.0, SD?=?2.0) than "other" sexual orientation participants (M?=?15.7, SD?=?2.2), p?

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