Quality Reporting in Neurological Surgery: Practice Adherence to Quality Payment Program Guidelines NEUROSURGERY Agarwal, N., Kashkoush, A., Baucom, E. T., Ratliff, J. K., Stroink, A. R., Council State Neurosurgical Soc 2019; 84 (2): 537–42


Recent legislation has changed quality reporting in neurological surgery. The present study summarizes the reporting of objectives and measures outlined by the Quality Payment Program (QPP) and assesses how practices are preparing to comply. In February 2017, 220 neurosurgical practices were surveyed regarding their adherence to quality reporting objectives and measures. Survey responders were asked to report infrastructure-level data including practice type and number of providers. Furthermore, we evaluated the reporting of quality and advancing care measures outlined by the QPP. Assessment of quality measures was focused on those related to neurosurgical patient management. A total of 27 responses were obtained. Practices consisted of 8 academic (30%), 16 physician-owned (59%), and 3 hospital-owned (11%) neurosurgical practices. Of the 27 total responders, 18 indicated their adherence to a host of quality and advancing care measures. Practice type was strongly associated with the number of quality measures performed (P = .020, Wilcoxon rank-sum test). Physician-owned practices reported performing a median of 5 quality measures (interquartile range, 4.5-9.5), while practices in academic and hospital-owned groups reported performing 12 quality measures (interquartile range, 9.5-13.5). Forty-five percent of physician-owned practices reported performing at least 6 quality measures, whereas 100% of academic and hospital-owned practices reported the same benchmark (P = .038, Fisher's exact test). Performance of advancing care measures was not associated with practice type. Compared to other practice types, the rate of quality reporting among physician-owned neurosurgical practices appears to be modest thus far, which may influence future reimbursement adjustments.

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