Update on rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain. Current sports medicine reports Dutton, R. A., Khadavi, M. J., Fredericson, M. n. ; 13 (3): 172–78


Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a multifactorial disorder with a variety of treatment options. The assortment of components that contribute to its pathophysiology can be categorized into local joint impairments, altered lower extremity biomechanics, and overuse. A detailed physical examination permits identification of the unique contributors for a given individual and permits the formation of a precise, customized treatment plan. This review aims to describe the latest evidence and recommendations regarding rehabilitation of PFPS. We address the utility of quadriceps strengthening, soft tissue flexibility, patellar taping, patellar bracing, hip strengthening, foot orthoses, gait reeducation, and training modification in the treatment of PFPS.

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