Immunotherapy and the Interventional Oncologist: Challenges and Opportunities-A Society of Interventional Oncology White Paper. Radiology Erinjeri, J. P., Fine, G. C., Adema, G. J., Ahmed, M., Chapiro, J., den Brok, M., Duran, R., Hunt, S. J., Johnson, D. T., Ricke, J., Sze, D. Y., Toskich, B. B., Wood, B. J., Woodrum, D., Goldberg, S. N. 2019: 182326


Interventional oncology is a subspecialty field of interventional radiology that addresses the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cancer-related problems by using targeted minimally invasive procedures performed with image guidance. Immuno-oncology is an innovative area of cancer research and practice that seeks to help the patient's own immune system fight cancer. Both interventional oncology and immuno-oncology can potentially play a pivotal role in cancer management plans when used alongside medical, surgical, and radiation oncology in the care of cancer patients.

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