A Culture-Independent Analysis of the Microbiota of Female Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome Participants in the MAPP Research Network JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE Nickel, J., Stephens-Shields, A. J., Landis, J., Mullins, C., van Bokhoven, A., Lucia, M., Henderson, J. P., Sen, B., Krol, J. E., Ehrlich, G. D., Clemens, J., Hanno, P., Kirkali, Z., Kusek, J. W., Pontari, M. A., Klumpp, D. J., Schaeffer, A. J., Apkarian, A., Cella, D., Farmer, M. A., Fitzgerald, C., Gershon, R., Griffith, J. W., Heckman, C. J., Jiang, M., Keefer, L., Marko, D. S., Michniewicz, J., Parrish, T., Tu, F., Mayer, E. A., Rodriguez, L., Alger, J., Ashe-McNalley, C. P., Ellingson, B., Heendeniya, N., Kilpatrick, L., Kutch, J., Labus, J. S., Naliboff, B. D., Randal, F., Smith, S. R., Kreder, K. J., Bradley, C. S., Eno, M., Greiner, K., Luo, Y., Lutgendorf, S. K., O'Donnell, M. A., Ziegler, B., Clauw, D. J., As-Sanie, S., Berry, S., Halvorson, M. E., Harris, R., Harte, S., Ichesco, E., Oldendorf, A., Scott, K. A., Williams, D. A., Buchwald, D., Afari, N., Krieger, J., Miller, J., Richey, S., Ross, S. O., Spiro, R., Sundsvold, T. J., Strachan, E., Yang, C. C., Andriole, G. L., Lai, H., Bristol, R. L., Colditz, G., Deutsch, G., Gardner, V. C., Gereau, R. W., Hong, B. A., Hooton, T. M., Ness, T. J., North, C. S., Spitznagle, T. M., Sutcliffe, S., Barrell, T., Creighton, T., Fluharty, L., Hou, X., Robinson, N., Stephens, A., Wang, Y., Osypuk, A. A., Dayton, R., Jonscher, K. R., Sullivan, H. T., Wilson, R., Moses, M. A., Briscoe, A. C., Briscoe, D., Curatolo, A., Froehlich, J., Lee, R. S., Sachdev, M., Solomon, K. R., Steen, H., Mackey, S., Bagarinao, E., Foster, L. C., Hubbard, E., Johnson, K. A., Martucci, K. T., McCue, R. L., Moericke, R. R., Nilakantan, A., Noor, N., Bavendam, T. G., MAPP Res Network 2019; 8 (3)


We surveyed urine microbiota of females diagnosed with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) and matched control participants enrolled in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Chronic Pelvic Pain (MAPP) Research Network using the culture-independent methodology. Midstream urine specimens were analyzed with the Plex-ID molecular diagnostic platform that utilizes polymerase chain reaction?electrospray ionization?time-of-flight?mass spectrometry (PCR-ESI-TOF MS) to provide a comprehensive identification of bacterial and select fungal species. IC/BPS and control participants were evaluated for differences (presence, diversity, and abundance) in species and genus. Urine specimens obtained from 181 female IC/BPS and 182 female control participants detected a total of 92 species (41 genera). Mean (SD) species count was 2.49 (1.48) and 2.30 (1.28) among IC/BPS and control participants, respectively. Overall species composition did not significantly differ between IC/BPS and control participants at any level (p = 0.726 species level, p = 0.222 genus level). IC/BPS participants urine trended to an overabundance of Lactobacillus gasseri (p = 0.09) detected but had a lower prevalence of Corynebacterium compared with control participants (p = 0.002). The relative abundance data analysis mirrored the prevalence data differences with no significant differences in most species or genus abundance other than Lactobacillus gasseri and Corynebacterium (p = 0.08 and p = 0.001, respectively). No cause and/or effect conclusion can be drawn from this observation, but it suggests that a more comprehensive evaluation (vaginal, bowel, catheterized bladder and/or tissue-based specimens) of the lower urinary tract microbiota in IC/BPS patients is warranted.

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