Effect of Genetic Diagnosis on Patients with Previously Undiagnosed Disease NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Splinter, K., Adams, D. R., Bacino, C. A., Bellen, H. J., Bernstein, J. A., Cheatle-Jarvela, A. M., Eng, C. M., Esteves, C., Gahl, W. A., Hamid, R., Jacob, H. J., Kikani, B., Koeller, D. M., Kohane, I. S., Lee, B. H., Loscalzo, J., Luo, X., McCray, A. T., Metz, T. O., Mulvihill, J. J., Nelson, S. F., Palmer, C. S., Phillips, J. A., Pick, L., Postlethwait, J. H., Reuter, C., Shashi, V., Sweetser, D. A., Tifft, C. J., Walley, N. M., Wangler, M. F., Westerfield, M., Wheeler, M. T., Wise, A. L., Worthey, E. A., Yamamoto, S., Ashley, E. A., Undiagnosed Dis Network 2018; 379 (22): 2131–39

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