Integrin beta 4 regulates migratory behavior of keratinocytes by determining laminin-332 organization JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Sehgal, B. U., DeBiase, P. J., Matzno, S., Chew, T., Claiborne, J. N., Hopkinson, S. B., Russell, A., Marinkovich, M. P., Jones, J. C. 2006; 281 (46): 35487-35498


Whether alpha6beta4 integrin regulates migration remains controversial. beta4 integrin-deficient (JEB) keratinocytes display aberrant migration in that they move in circles, a behavior that mirrors the circular arrays of laminin (LM)-332 in their matrix. In contrast, wild-type keratinocytes and JEB keratinocytes, induced to express beta4 integrin, assemble laminin-332 in linear tracks over which they migrate. Moreover, laminin-332-dependent migration of JEB keratinocytes along linear tracks is restored when cells are plated on wild-type keratinocyte matrix, whereas wild-type keratinocytes show rotation over circular arrays of laminn-332 in JEB keratinocyte matrix. The activities of Rac1 and the actin cytoskeleton-severing protein cofilin are low in JEB keratinocytes compared with wild-type cells but are rescued following expression of wild-type beta4 integrin in JEB cells. Additionally, in wild-type keratinocytes Rac1 is complexed with alpha6beta4 integrin. Moreover, Rac1 or cofilin inactivation induces wild-type keratinocytes to move in circles over rings of laminin-332 in their matrix. Together these data indicate that laminin-332 matrix organization is determined by the alpha6beta4 integrin/actin cytoskeleton via Rac1/cofilin signaling. Furthermore, our results imply that the organizational state of laminin-332 is a key determinant of the motility behavior of keratinocytes, an essential element of skin wound healing and the successful invasion of epidermal-derived tumor cells.

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