Infraorbital nerve surgical decompression for chronic infraorbital nerve hyperesthesia OPHTHALMIC PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY Bailey, K., Ng, J. D., Hwang, P. H., Saulny, S. M., Holck, D. E., Rubin, P. A. 2007; 23 (1): 49-51


To present three cases of chronic infraorbital nerve hyperesthesia relieved by surgical decompression of the infraorbital nerve.Retrospective chart review.We identified three cases of chronic hyperesthesia of the infraorbital nerve. Two cases were related to previous blunt orbital trauma, whereas the third was associated with a long-standing anophthalmic socket with numerous previous surgeries. In each case, patients had dramatic relief of infraorbital nerve hyperesthesia and pain after surgical decompression of the infraorbital nerve.Surgical decompression of the infraorbital nerve can provide significant symptomatic improvement in patients with chronic infraorbital nerve hyperesthesia secondary to nerve compression.

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