Resolution of hypoalbuminemia after excision of malignant phyllodes tumor CLINICAL BREAST CANCER Samiian, L., Daniel, B., Wapnir, I. 2006; 7 (5): 411-412


A 42-year-old woman presented with a rapidly growing tumor of the breast accompanied by anemia (7.4 g/dL), hypoalbuminemia (1.6 g/dL), and increased alkaline phosphatase (256 U/L). Magnetic resonance imaging of the breast demonstrated a heterogeneous mass composed of verrucous solid components with hemorrhagic areas. There was no evidence of cachexia, and the metastatic workup was negative. Final pathology revealed a 22-cm malignant phyllodes tumor. Hypoalbuminemia and alkaline phosphatase quickly resolved after surgical excision without any further treatment.

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