Tumours of the hand LANCET ONCOLOGY Hsu, C. S., Hentz, V. R., Yao, J. 2007; 8 (2): 157-166


Hand tumours of soft-tissue and bony origin are frequently encountered, and clinicians must be able to distinguish typical benign entities from life-threatening or limb-threatening malignant diseases. In this Review, we present a diagnostic approach to hand tumours and describe selected cancers and their treatments. Soft-tissue tumours include ganglion cysts, giant-cell cancers and fibromas of the tendon sheath, epidermal inclusion cysts, lipomas, vascular lesions, peripheral-nerve tumours, skin cancers, and soft-tissue sarcomas. Bony tumours encompass enchondromas, aneurysmal bone cysts, osteoid osteomas, giant-cell lesions of bone, bone sarcomas, and metastases. We look at rates of recurrence and 5-year survival, and recommendations for adjunct chemotherapy and radiotherapy for malignant lesions.

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