Ligament and tendon injury to the elbow: clinical, surgical, and imaging features. Topics in magnetic resonance imaging Saliman, J. D., Beaulieu, C. F., McAdams, T. R. 2006; 17 (5): 327-336


Significant advances in the understanding of elbow anatomy, biomechanics, imaging, and surgical technique have been made over the last decade. Tendon injuries are often seen in athletes and physical laborers from repetitive eccentric overload. Ligament injuries are commonly seen in throwing athletes or after elbow dislocation. Magnetic resonance imaging has proven valuable for diagnosing and monitoring most of these soft tissue injuries, and effective surgical techniques have evolved to address them. This article describes typical clinical findings associated with ligament and tendon injuries in the elbow as well as common surgical therapies. The use of magnetic resonance imaging is highlighted throughout because this modality has revolutionized noninvasive evaluation of the elbow.

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