AAEM case report #23: acute paralytic poliomyelitis. Muscle & nerve So, Y. T., Olney, R. K. 1991; 14 (12): 1159-1164


A 56-year-old man with acute paralytic poliomyelitis is described. The illness started with fever and diarrhea after an overseas trip, and an enterovirus other than poliovirus was isolated from the patient's stool. The onset of weakness was rapid and asymmetric, with primary involvement of the lower extremities. Nerve conduction studies revealed low amplitude motor responses after the first week, with normal results for sensory studies. Serial electromyographic studies were performed, documenting acute denervation followed later by reinnervation in the distribution of multiple segments. The clinical and electrodiagnostic features of acute poliomyelitis are reviewed.

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