MRI-guided radiofrequency ablation of breast cancer: Preliminary clinical experience JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING van den Bosch, M., Daniel, B., Rieke, V., Butts-Pauly, K., Kermit, E., Jeffrey, S. 2008; 27 (1): 204-208


This study was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of MRI-guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of breast cancer. A total of three women diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer were treated with percutaneous MRI-guided RFA, according to a treat and resect protocol, in our hospital. RFA procedures were performed in an open 0.5T Signa-SP imager allowing direct patient access and real-time monitoring of the procedure. In all patients ablation was performed with a 15-gauge insulated MRI-compatible multiple needle probe. MRI thermometry and contrast-enhanced postablation MRI were used to evaluate the ablation process. Patients underwent lumpectomy within a week of the RFA procedure. Histopathology confirmed successful (100%) tumor ablation in one patient, and partial tumor destruction (33% and 50%, respectively) in two patients. Challenges of MRI-guided breast RFA that need to be solved to facilitate progress of the technique toward clinical practice are discussed.

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