Effect of local annular interventions on annular and left ventricular geometry 21st Annual Meeting of the European-Association-for-Cardio-Thoracic-Surgery (EACTS) Timek, T. A., Liang, D., Daughters, G. T., Ingels, N. B., Miller, D. C. OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC. 2008: 1049–54


Etiology-specific annular interventions and annuloplasty rings are now commercially available for the treatment of different types of mitral regurgitation; however, knowledge concerning the effects of local annular alterations on annular and left ventricular (LV) geometry is limited.Seven adult sheep underwent implantation of eight radiopaque markers around the mitral annulus (MA) and eight markers on the LV (four each on two levels: basal and apical), and one on each papillary muscle tip. Trans-annular septal-lateral (SL) sutures were placed between the corresponding markers on the septal and lateral annulus at valve center (CENT) and near anterior (ACOM) and posterior (PCOM) commissures and externalized. Hemodynamic parameters and 4D marker coordinates were measured before and during SL annular cinching ('SLAC'; suture tightening 3-5 mm for 20s) at each suture location. Mitral annular SL diameter, annular area (MAA), and distance from the mid-septal annulus to the LV markers and papillary muscle tips were determined from marker coordinates every 17ms.End-systolic MAA decreased from 5.93+/-1.27 to 5.23+/-1.29(*)cm(2), 5.98+/-1.16 to 5.33+/-1.31(*)cm(2), and 6.30+/-1.65 to 5.61+/-1.37(*)cm(2) for SLAC(ACOM), SLAC(CENT), and SLAC(PCOM), respectively ((*)p<0.05 vs pre-cinching). Each SLAC intervention reduced the SL diameter at all three locations, while both SLAC(ACOM) and SLAC(CENT) affected ventricular geometry, and SLAC(PCOM) only slightly altered valvular-subvalvular distance. Only SLAC(CENT) altered papillary muscle position.Local annular SL reduction influences remote annular SL dimensions and affects LV geometry. The effect of local annular interventions on global annular geometry and LV remodeling should be considered in surgical or interventional approaches to mitral regurgitation and the design of new annular prostheses as well as supra-annular and sub-annular catheter interventions.

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