Implementation of the American Society of Anesthesiologists Physical Status classification system in periodontal practice JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY Maloney, W. J., Weinberg, M. A. 2008; 79 (7): 1124-1126


The American Society of Anesthesiologists Physical Status (ASA-PS) classification is a preoperative rating given to each patient by an anesthesia provider with the sole purpose of assessing the physical state of the patient before anesthesia is administered. It was designed originally as a standardized way for dentists and physicians to convey information about the patient's overall health status and allow outcomes to be stratified by a global assessment of their severity of illness. However, in practice, the ASA-PS classification is often misused as a measure of operative risk, which is the basis of much criticism. Modification of periodontal treatment may be necessary in certain medically complex patients. The ASA-PS classification serves an integral part of risk assessment in determining how a patient should be managed by the periodontist. It should be incorporated into all periodontal practices. Medical assessment of patients has become an essential part of dentistry, as even the most common medical problems may require modifications to routine periodontal care. Periodontists must assess and manage patients for underlying medical conditions and are required to provide dental care to a diversity of medically complex patients. Today many patients in a periodontal practice have multiple medical conditions and are taking many medications. It is more difficult to manage these types of patients, and proper assessment of their physical status is an important part of clinical practice. The ASA-PS classification system is a valuable assessment tool that subjectively categorizes patients into subgroups by preoperative physical fitness prior to administering anesthesia.

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