Low-grade Serous Neoplasia of the Female Genital Tract. Surgical pathology clinics Folkins, A. K., Longacre, T. A. 2019; 12 (2): 481–513


Low-grade serous neoplasia of the gynecologic tract includes benign (serous cystadenomas), borderline, and malignant lesions (low-grade serous carcinoma). Classification of these lesions relies on rigorous attention to several pathologic features that determine the prognosis and the need for adjuvant therapy. Risk stratification of serous borderline tumor behavior based on histologic findings and criteria for low-grade serous carcinoma are the primary focus of this article, including the redesignation of invasive implants of serous borderline tumor as low-grade serous carcinoma based on the similar survival rates. The molecular underpinnings of these tumors are also discussed, including their potential for prognostication.

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