Optimizing the Orthopaedic Medical Student Rotation: Keys to Success for Students, Faculty, and Residency Programs. The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Campbell, S. T., Chan, J. Y., Gardner, M. J., Bishop, J. A. 2019


Senior medical students interested in pursuing careers in orthopaedic surgery participate in orthopaedic rotations around the country. These rotations are an important part of the application process because they allow students to demonstrate their work ethic and knowledge and learn more about the fit and culture of the residency program. Although knowledge and technical ability are important, several less tangible factors also contribute to success. These include maintaining situational awareness and a positive attitude, putting forth an appropriate effort, preparing effectively, and critically evaluating one's own performance. Attention to these details can help maximize the student's chance for a successful rotation. The hosting program and faculty can further facilitate a successful rotation by setting appropriate expectations, orienting the student to the program, carefully selecting appropriate services and faculty, and providing dedicated education to the student.

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