Efficacy of a novel endoscopically deliverable muco-adhesive hemostatic powder in an acute gastric bleeding porcine model. PloS one Bang, B. n., Lee, E. n., Maeng, J. n., Kim, K. n., Hwang, J. H., Hyon, S. H., Hyon, W. n., Lee, D. H. 2019; 14 (6): e0216829


This study investigated the effectiveness of new hemostatic adhesive powder (UI-EWD) in a swine mode of acute gastric bleeding. Gastric ulcer bleeding was induced endoscopically at two locations in each of eight heparinized mini-pigs. UI-EWD and saline were sprayed endoscopically in the experimental (n = 5) and control groups (n = 3), respectively. The hemostatic effect and hydrogel persistence on ulcers were periodically evaluated endoscopically. Initial hemostasis was achieved successfully in all lesions in the experimental group. Follow-up endoscopy showed minor delayed bleeding in 10% at 6 hours in the experimental group, whereas re-bleeding was observed in 50% at 6 hours in the control group. UI-EWD gel persisted at 90%, 80%, and 50% of ulcer bases at 6, 18, and 42 hours post-application, respectively. This study suggests that muco-adhesive UI-EWD may be effective in the endoscopic treatment of active ulcer bleeding.

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