OUTCOMES OF ENDOSCOPIC SUBMUCOSAL DISSECTION VERSUS SURGERY IN EARLY GASTRIC CANCER MEETING STANDARD AND EXPANDED INDICATIONS: A MULTICENTER NORTH AMERICAN COHORT Kerdsirichairat, T., Wang, R., Aihara, H., Draganov, P. V., Kumta, N. A., Tomizawa, Y., Truong, C. D., Lo, S. K., Jamil, L. H., Gaddam, S., Burch, M., Dhall, D., Perbtani, Y. B., Yang, D., Bartel, M. J., Goel, N., Reddy, S. S., Farma, J. M., Gong, Y., Ferri, L. E., Chen, A., Chen, M., Chen, Y., Sethi, A., Ansari, N., Trapp, G., Schrope, B., Del Portillo, A., DeLatour, R., Park, K. H., Khanna, L. G., Melis, M., Newman, E., Hatzaras, I., James, T. W., Grimm, I. S., DeWitt, J. M., Siegel, A. B., Aadam, A., Wang, A. Y., Bechara, R., Abe, S., Song, L., Gutierrez, O., Montgomery, E., Johnston, F. M., Duncan, M. D., Canto, M. I., Lennon, A., Hanada, Y., Hwang, J., Friedland, S., Ngamruengphong, S. MOSBY-ELSEVIER. 2019: AB350–AB351

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