The role of adjunct nanofibrillar collagen scaffold implantation in the surgical management of secondary lymphedema: Review of the literature and summary of initial pilot studies. Journal of surgical oncology Rochlin, D. H., Inchauste, S., Zelones, J., Nguyen, D. H. 2019


Secondary lymphedema is a worldwide affliction that exacts a significant public health burden. This review examines the etiology, presentation, and management of secondary lymphedema. In addition, emerging adjunctive strategies are explored, specifically evidence from animal and pilot human studies regarding implantation of a collagen nanofibrillar scaffold (BioBridge; Fibralign Corporation, Union City, CA) in promoting lymphangiogenesis, preventing and treating lymphedema, and enhancing outcomes with lymphaticovenous anastomosis and vascularized lymph node transfer.

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