Periorbital dermatitis in patients receiving docetaxel in combination chemotherapy. BMJ case reports Tabata, M. M., Kwong, B. 2019; 12 (7)


Recognition of new cutaneous side effects of combination chemotherapy can help prevent unnecessary cessation or reduction of cancer therapy. Periorbital rash has not been found with docetaxel alone, but here, we report it as a result of combination chemotherapy. A series of three patients who received docetaxel in combination with other chemotherapies developed clinically near-identical, distinctive periorbital rashes. Rashes resolved by resolving underlying docetaxel-induced epiphora in conjunction with ophthalmological consultation, topical skin-directed care, and in some cases, chemotherapy dose reduction. It is important for dermatologists and oncologists to recognise the increased severity of cutaneous reactions when docetaxel is used in combination chemotherapy.

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