Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as a Novel Cancer Vaccine. Expert opinion on biological therapy Wang, L. n., Pegram, M. D., Wu, J. C. 2019


Introduction: Although many current cancer therapies are effective, the mortality rate globally is unacceptably high. Cancer remains the second leading cause of death worldwide after heart disease and has caused nearly 10 million deaths in 2018. Additionally, current preventive therapies for cancer are underdeveloped, undermining the quality of life of high-risk individuals. Therefore, new treatment options for targeting cancer are urgently needed. In a recent study, researchers adopted an autologous iPSC-based vaccine to present a broad spectrum of tumor antigens to the immune system and succeeded in orchestrating a strong prophylactic immunity towards multiple types of cancer in mice. Areas Covered: In this review, we provide an overview of how cancer develops, the role of immune surveillance in cancer progression, the current status and challenges of cancer immunotherapy as well as the genetic overlap between pluripotent stem cells and cancer cells. Finally, we discuss the rationale for an autologous iPSC-based vaccine and its applications in murine cancer models. Expert Opinion: The autologous iPSC-based vaccine is a promising preventive and therapeutic strategy for fighting various types of cancers. Continuing efforts and clinical/translational follow-up studies may bring an autologous iPSC-based cancer vaccination approach from bench to bedside.

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