In Vivo Toxicity of Local Anesthetics and Corticosteroids on Supraspinatus Tenocyte Cell Viability and Metabolism. The Iowa orthopaedic journal Nuelle, C. W., Cook, C. R., Stoker, A. M., Cook, J. L., Sherman, S. L. 2018; 38: 107–12


Background: This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of commonly used injection medication combinations on supraspinatus tenocyte cell viability and tissue metabolism.Methods: Twenty adult dogs underwent ultrasound guided injection of the canine equivalent of the subacromial space, based on random assignment to one of four treatment groups (n=5/group): normal saline, 1.0% lidocaine/methylprednisolone, 1.0% lidocaine/triamcinolone or 0.0625% bupivacaine/triamcinolone. Full-thickness sections of supraspinatus tendon were harvested under aseptic conditions and evaluated on days 1 and 7 post-harvest for cell viability and tissue metabolism. Data were analyzed for significant differences among groups.Results: Tendons exposed to 1% lidocaine/ methylprednisolone had significantly lower cell viability at day 1 as compared to all other groups and control. All local anesthetic/ corticosteroid combination groups had decreased cell viability at day 7 when compared to the control group.Conclusions: This study demonstrated significant in vivo supraspinatus tenotoxicity following a single injection of combination local anesthetic/ corticosteroid when compared to saline controls.Level of Evidence: Level II.

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