Human Intestinal Enteroids Model MHC-II in the Gut Epithelium. Frontiers in immunology Wosen, J. E., Ilstad-Minnihan, A., Co, J. Y., Jiang, W., Mukhopadhyay, D., Fernandez-Becker, N. Q., Kuo, C. J., Amieva, M. R., Mellins, E. D. 2019; 10: 1970


The role of intestinal epithelial cells (IECs) in mucosal tolerance and immunity remains poorly understood. We present a method for inducing MHC class II (MHC-II) in human enteroids, "mini-guts" derived from small intestinal crypt stem cells, and show that the intracellular MHC-II peptide-pathway is intact and functional in IECs. Our approach enables human enteroids to be used for novel in vitro studies into IEC MHC-II regulation and function during health and disease.

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