Dilemma in management of hemorrhagic myositis in dermatomyositis. Rheumatology international Chandler, J. M., Kim, Y. J., Bauer, J. L., Wapnir, I. L. 2019


Dermatomyositis (DM) is a rare inflammatory disorder affecting the muscle and skin. DM patients can present with spontaneous muscle hemorrhage, a potentially fatal complication. The best practice for management of hemorrhagic myositis in these patients remains unclear. Here we discuss the case of a patient who presented with progressive muscle weakness and intermittent rash that was diagnosed with dermatomyositis. During admission, she developed spontaneous hemorrhagic myositis of the right pectoralis major treated with surgical evacuation. She also developed a spontaneous left anterior thigh hematoma which was treated conservatively. She recovered and showed no evidence of recurrent bleeding at either location. We performed a literature review and identified ten cases of spontaneous hemorrhage in DM patients, with a 60% mortality rate among reported cases. Given the high mortality rate associated with spontaneous hemorrhage in DM patients, it is important for physicians to be aware of the diagnosis, workup, and management strategies.

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