Imaging the Distribution of Gastrin Releasing Peptide Receptors in Cancer. Journal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine Baratto, L. n., Duan, H. n., Maecke, H. R., Iagaru, A. n. 2020


Targeting tumor-expressed receptors using selective molecules for diagnostic, therapeutic or both diagnostic and therapeutic (theragnostic) purposes is a promising approach in oncological applications. Such approaches have increased significantly over the past decade. Peptides such as gastrin-releasing peptide receptors (GRPR) targeting radiopharmaceuticals are small molecules with fast blood clearance and urinary excretion. They demonstrate good tissue diffusion, low immunogenicity, and highly selective binding to their target cell-surface receptors. They are also easily produced. GRPR, part of the bombesin (BBN) family, are overexpressed in many tumors, including breast and prostate cancer, and therefore represent an attractive target for future development.

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