Hepatitis B cure: modeling the economics of a potential cost of a cure. Current opinion in HIV and AIDS Toy, M., So, S., Hutton, D. W. 2020


PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The cure for hepatitis C virus infection has raised hope for a potential hepatitis B virus (HBV) cure, but the high price tag has led to serious questions about the affordability, and thus to access for all. This review discusses cost-effectiveness models, affordability, and access to a potential new cure for chronic HBV infection.RECENT FINDINGS: A cure does not yet exist for HBV, but the antiviral treatments that are currently available help slow down the progression of disease. There is limited research in the area of cost-effectiveness and economic analysis comparing a potential cure. Our preliminary findings from modeling and economic threshold analysis show that cure could be potentially cost-effective or cost-saving. Governments can possibly use the results of economic models for price negotiations.SUMMARY: The highest burden of the HBV infection is in low and middle-income countries. Given that the cost of current treatment has dropped dramatically in recent years as the first line treatments have come off patent, the price for a HBV cure needs to be reasonable and affordable to all people.

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