Enabling In-Bore MRI-Guided Biopsies With Force Feedback IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON HAPTICS Frishman, S., Kight, A., Pirozzi, I., Coffey, M. C., Daniel, B. L., Cutkosky, M. R. 2020; 13 (1): 159–66


Limited physical access to target organs of patients inside an MRI scanner is a major obstruction to real-time MRI-guided interventions. Traditional teleoperation technologies are incompatible with the MRI environment and although several solutions have been explored, a versatile system that provides high-fidelity haptic feedback and access deep inside the bore remains a challenge. We present a passive and nearly frictionless MRI-compatible hydraulic teleoperator designed for in-bore liver biopsies. We describe the design components, characterize the system transparency, and evaluate the performance with a user study in a laboratory and a clinical setting. The results demonstrate % difference between input and output forces during realistic manipulation. A user study with participants conducting mock needle biopsy tasks indicates that a remote operator performs equally well when using the device as when holding a biopsy needle directly in hand. Additionally, MRI compatibility tests show no reduction in signal-to-noise ratio in the presence of the device.

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