Gamification improves melanoma visual identification among high school students: Results from a randomized study. Pediatric dermatology Jia, J. L., Shen, A. n., Tabata, M. M., Sarin, K. Y. 2020


Identification of melanoma or worrisome moles is often taught as an important part of routine skin checks. We sought to evaluate the efficacy of gamified education vs. traditional ABCDEs education on melanoma identification and self-confidence in identifying worrisome moles. We report that in our cohort (n = 271), participants randomized to the gamified intervention were more likely to correctly identify melanoma and non-melanoma skin lesions than those randomized to the ABCDE control cohort (74.2% vs 63.5% correct, P < .0001) and perceived confidence in self-identifying worrisome lesions was slightly higher in the gamified group than the traditional group, though the trend was not significant. These novel findings have significant implications on improved ways to educate young patients on the visual identification of melanoma and worrisome moles.

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