Contouring Plates in Fracture Surgery: Indications and Pitfalls. The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Bishop, J. A., Campbell, S. T., Graves, M. L., Gardner, M. J. 2020


Effective fracture surgery requires contouring orthopaedic implants in multiple planes. The amount of force required for contouring is dependent on the amount and type of material contained within the plane to be altered. The type of contouring used depends on the desired plate function; for example, buttress mode often requires some degree of undercontouring, whereas compression plating may require prebending. Other reasons to contour a plate include matching patient anatomy either to maximize fixation options or to reduce implant prominence. Precontoured plates can be convenient and help to facilitate soft-tissue friendly techniques but have the potential to introduce malreduction if the plate position and fit are not carefully monitored.

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