The Trellis Thrombectomy System in the treatment of acute limb ischemia. Journal of endovascular therapy : an official journal of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists Kasirajan, K. n., Ramaiah, V. G., Diethrich, E. B. 2003; 10 (2): 317–21


To report the use of a new percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy device in the treatment of acute limb-threatening ischemia.The Trellis Thrombectomy System is a 7-F drug dispersion catheter that features a treatment segment isolated by proximal and distal occlusion balloons, which help prevent distal embolization and systemic release of the infused thrombolytic agent. After inflating the distal balloon, the thrombolytic agent is infused and held at the target site by inflation of the proximal balloon. An oscillating dispersion wire optimizes dispersal of the thrombolytic agent as the thrombus is mechanically fragmented. The liquefied thrombus is then aspirated. Four consecutive patients with acute lower extremity ischemia secondary to bypass graft thrombosis were treated with the Trellis thrombectomy catheter. Overall, 95% of thrombus was successfully removed from the treatment zone, with no device-related complications. Only one patient required adjunctive thrombolytic therapy after thrombectomy with the Trellis device.The Trellis thrombectomy device is a safe and effective technique to isolate the infused thrombolytic agent in association with mechanical fragmentation for rapid blood flow restoration.

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