Physical Activity, Measured Objectively, is Associated With Lower Mortality in Patients With Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology : the official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association Kim, D. n., Murag, S. n., Cholankeril, G. n., Cheung, A. n., Harrison, S. A., Younossi, Z. M., Ahmed, A. n. 2020


The association between physical activity (PA) and all-cause and cause-specific mortality from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) requires investigation. We studied whether PA, measured by accelerometer, is associated with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality among individuals with NAFLD.We performed a longitudinal analysis using the 2003-2006 US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data of adults (20 years or older) and collecting mortality data through December 2015. NAFLD was defined based on hepatic steatosis index or US fatty liver index scores, in the absence of other causes of chronic liver disease. PA was measured from participants who wore accelerometers 10 hrs/day for a minimum of 4 days over a 7-day period and classified as total PA, moderate to vigorous PA (MVPA), and sedentary behavior.Over an average follow-up period of 10.6 years, increasing duration of total PA was associated with reduced risk of death, from any cause, in an age- and sex-adjusted model (hazard ratio [HR], 0.52; 95% CI, 0.32-0.86 for highest quartile vs lowest quartile; P for trend=.001) and multivariable model (HR, 0.46, 95% CI 0.28-0.75; P for trend<.001) among individuals with NAFLD. Increasing duration of MVPA was associated with a lower risk of death from any cause in individuals with NAFLD. Furthermore, longer total PA was associated with a lower risk for cardiovascular disease-related death in individuals with NAFLD (HR, 0.28; 95% CI, 0.08-0.98 for highest quartile vs lowest quartile; P for trend=.007). We did not find this association for cancer-related mortality in individuals with NAFLD. Increasing duration of sedentary behavior did not affect all-cause or cause-specific mortality in individuals with NAFLD.Longer total PA and MVPA, measured by accelerometers over a 7-day period, are associated with lower all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in individuals with NAFLD.

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