Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer: ASCO Guideline Update. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology Sohal, D. P., Kennedy, E. B., Cinar, P., Conroy, T., Copur, M. S., Crane, C. H., Garrido-Laguna, I., Lau, M. W., Johnson, T., Krishnamurthi, S., Moravek, C., O'Reilly, E. M., Philip, P. A., Pant, S., Shah, M. A., Sahai, V., Uronis, H. E., Zaidi, N., Laheru, D. 2020: JCO2001364


PURPOSE: The aim of this work was to provide an update to the ASCO guideline on metastatic pancreatic cancer pertaining to recommendations for therapy options after first-line treatment.METHODS: ASCO convened an Expert Panel and conducted a systematic review to update guideline recommendations for second-line therapy for metastatic pancreatic cancer.RESULTS: One randomized controlled trial of olaparib versus placebo, one report on phase I and II studies of larotrectinib, and one report on phase I and II studies of entrectinib met the inclusion criteria and inform the guideline update.RECOMMENDATIONS: New or updated recommendations for germline and somatic testing for microsatellite instability high/mismatch repair deficiency, BRCA mutations, and TRK alterations are provided for all treatment-eligible patients to select patients for recommended therapies, including pembrolizumab, olaparib, larotrectinib, or entrectinib, or potential clinical trials. The Expert Panel continues to endorse the remaining recommendations for second-line chemotherapy, as well as other recommendations related to treatment, follow-up, and palliative care from the 2018 version of this guideline. Additional information is available at

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