ANALYSIS OF LONGER-TERM SAFETY PROFILE OF THE HEPATITIS B VIRUS CORE INHIBITOR ABI-H0731 IN AN OPEN LABEL EXTENSION STUDY Jacobson, I. M., Ma, X., Tuan Nguyen, Schiff, E. R., Yuen, M., Hann, H. L., Sulkowski, M. S., Nahass, R. G., Ramji, A., Agarwal, K., Park, J. S., Ayoub, W. S., Gane, E. J., Knox, S., Alves, K., Li, Y., Stamm, L. M., Weilert, F., Bennett, M., Han, S. B., Ravendhran, N., Chan, S., Kwo, P. Y., Elkhashab, M., Hassanein, T., Fun, S. K., Bae, H., Lalezari, J. P., Dieterich, D. T. WILEY. 2020: 501A–502A

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