Defining best practices for tissue procurement in immuno-oncology clinical trials: consensus statement from the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Surgery Committee. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer Gastman, B., Agarwal, P. K., Berger, A., Boland, G., Broderick, S., Butterfield, L. H., Byrd, D., Fecci, P. E., Ferris, R. L., Fong, Y., Goff, S. L., Grabowski, M. M., Ito, F., Lim, M., Lotze, M. T., Mahdi, H., Malafa, M., Morris, C. D., Murthy, P., Neves, R. I., Odunsi, A., Pai, S. I., Prabhakaran, S., Rosenberg, S. A., Saoud, R., Sethuraman, J., Skitzki, J., Slingluff, C. L., Sondak, V. K., Sunwoo, J. B., Turcotte, S., Yeung, C. C., Kaufman, H. L. 2020; 8 (2)


Immunotherapy is now a cornerstone for cancer treatment, and much attention has been placed on the identification of prognostic and predictive biomarkers. The success of biomarker development is dependent on accurate and timely collection of biospecimens and high-quality processing, storage and shipping. Tumors are also increasingly used as source material for the generation of therapeutic T cells. There have been few guidelines or consensus statements on how to optimally collect and manage biospecimens and source material being used for immunotherapy and related research. The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Surgery Committee has brought together surgical experts from multiple subspecialty disciplines to identify best practices and to provide consensus on how best to access and manage specific tissues for immuno-oncology treatments and clinical investigation. In addition, the committee recommends early integration of surgeons and other interventional physicians with expertise in biospecimen collection, especially in clinical trials, to optimize the quality of tissue and the validity of correlative clinical studies in cancer immunotherapy.

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