New bilateral microcalcifications at mammography in a postlactational woman: Case report RADIOLOGY Stucker, D. T., Ikeda, D. M., Hartman, A. R., George, T. I., Nowels, K. W., Birdwell, S. L., Goffinet, D., Carlson, R. W. 2000; 217 (1): 247-250


A 33-year-old woman with a strong family history of breast cancer who was referred for mammography 5 weeks after completing lactation was found to have new diffuse bilateral microcalcifications in the breast ducts. Contrast material-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the breast showed bilateral patchy areas of abnormal enhancement. Large-core needle biopsy showed diffuse calcifications within expanded benign ducts in a background of lactational change, without evidence of malignancy. To the authors' knowledge, these calcifications have not been previously reported and are possibly related to milk stasis or apoptosis associated with lactation.

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