Low profile fragment specific plate fixation of lateral tibial plateau fractures - A technical note. Injury Chen, M. J., Frey, C. S., Salazar, B. P., Gardner, M. J., Bishop, J. A. 2021


PURPOSE: Precontoured plates used to stabilize lateral tibial plateau (LTP) fractures are limited in their ability to raft particular areas of the reconstructed articular surface. These implants also do not fit every individual's bony anatomy and can lead to soft tissue irritation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate fragment specific plate fixation of LTP fractures using generic small and mini fragment constructs.METHODS: This was a retrospective case series of LTP fractures treated with small fragment tubular and/or mini fragment plate constructs at a single Level I trauma center. Postoperative complications were recorded. Final radiographs were analyzed to determine union and interval subsidence of the articular surface and/or loss of reduction.RESULTS: All 19 LTP fractures healed without loss of reduction or implant failure. There was minimal interval subsidence of the LTP in all patients. There were no complications or reoperations for symptomatic implant removal within the given follow-up period.CONCLUSION: Fragment specific fixation of LTP fractures using small and mini fragment plates creates a lower profile construct that reliably maintains fracture reduction to union.

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