Genomic Analysis of Salivary Gland Cancer and Treatment of Salivary Gland Cancers. Surgical pathology clinics Palsgrove, D., Allahabadi, S., Khan, S. A. 2021; 14 (1): 151–63


Salivary gland cancer is a heterogenous group of tumors that presents challenges with both diagnosis and therapy. Recent advances in the classification of salivary gland cancers have led to distinct histologic and genomic criteria that successfully differentiate between cancers with similar clinical behavior and appearance. Genomic abnormalities have led to the emergence of targeted therapies being used in their therapy with drastic improvements in outcomes as well as reductions in treatment-related toxicity. Dramatic results seen with molecular targets, such as HER2, TRK, and others, indicate that this approach has the potential to yield even better treatments for the future.

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